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No Sleep

So I’m an addict; in the traditional sense this may not necessarily be an ENTP trait. How ever I think it’s typical that I’m addicted to new things and I’m addicted to spending a ridiculous amount of mental resources to fleshing out these ‘new things.’

I’ve been losing sleep over working on this website. I work full time, I love working full time but, I am obsessed with the r/ENTP community and am completely bananas over the idea of extending the resources and experience of our community as I don’t believe there’s anywhere else on the internet quite as dedicated, focused and beneficial for our kin on the internet.

I don’t want to change the community and start over; no, I want to expand on what we already have.

Probably what is abnormal is the fact I haven’t gotten bored of you guys yet. It’s unhealthy and I’m depriving myself of sleep.

Thanks everyone.

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