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Always Swimming

I think if I were an animal, I’d be a shark.

They are the rulers of their dominion. There are many factors I can relate to with sharks. They are quick and curious. They can sometimes be a little scary. They do have a sensitive side if you punch them in the nose. But the thing I relate to most is that if a shark stops moving it will die.

I have been stagnant for a while now. My life has no path. Career, relationship, education are all motionless. I can feel the water stilled around my gills. As a shark, I know that I cannot stay like this for long, but it’s hard to build momentum from zero. I know what it’s like to have water rushing past my gills while I accelerate towards an ambition in my life. I want to be an apex predator not sushi.

When I am swimming, I am a force. Unstoppable. When I am motionless, I am dead.

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