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Are you lazy?

Recently I discovered I’m lazy as fuck. It’s true. I want to lead an easy life.

Many people are lazy; that’s not a new thing. But there are different ways to be lazy, and they show in the different kind of results you get.

Some lazy people half-ass their daily tasks and projects. That’s what I call the stupid kind of lazy. It doesn’t make your life easier in the long run; in fact, it makes it harder and more annoying.

Not me. I like to be thorough. I hate maintenance and routine, and my response to that is quality and simplicity. Solutions with those attributes make my life easier.

For example, I like to buy myself combat boots. Why? Because they don’t require a lot of maintenance. I don’t have to worry about where I walk; puddles, mud, sand… it’s all the same to me. They also last for years. That’s a simple, high quality solution. And I have tons of solutions like that in my daily life.

Another example: If I have a problem I don’t know the answer to, I’d rather google it or search for a solution in a book. Why bother experimenting to find something that works, when someone already did and wrote about it?

And I’m always trying to optimize current solutions. I may already know how to tie my boots, but occasionally I’ll go on google and search for better methods. This approach is gold to me.

It may be worth the clarification, because I don’t want anybody to misunderstand. Laziness is the motivation; smarts are how you execute or solve a problem. Did you problem-solve to make your life easier, or did you do it so you can work harder? The former is lazy, the latter is not. If the solution you come up with is brilliant, because it makes your life so much easier, then that’s the smarts.

If you’re lazy like me, tell me: What are some solutions you’ve discovered that make your life much, much easier?

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