Testing your MBTI Type

Testing your MBTI can be daunting and confusing. Which test you take and how you respond on a different day may deliver inaccurate results and lead to conflicting answers.

When taking any test, remember to answer them with how you would actually respond in that situation NOT how you think is ideal; you can’t help yourself if you’re not honest with yourself foremost.

The best results will be given by seeing a certified practitioner in MBTI as they have official tools not available to the public. You can also take the official test online here.

Below are a few free quality tests that we prefer:

  • Type In Mind : Assesment
    Type In Mind features a fairly new way of providing an online test to poke you for responses.

A note:

The ENTP community does not recommend testing at www.16personalities.com or relying on their type descriptions. Their testing methods tend to be inferior and they attempt to typecast every personality as a fixed binary. 16 Personalities exists as an easy alternative for a population obsessed with social media personality quizzes and astrology.