Post Flair Explained

Post flair was redesigned and implemented in May of 2018 as part of an effort to bring r/ENTP back to it’s roots to ensure that the community fosters constructive discussion and quality entertainment. As per the new functionality of the Reddit redesign, all submissions to r/ENTP require a flair selection.

Part of the new implementation is the creation of Post Flair Filtering. The filters work by searching post history using the text of the flair used to bring up posts with that flair. It’s useful for users who wish to browse only certain kinds of topics. The menu for the post flair filters are viewable on the Reddit redesigned version of r/ENTP.

The post flair breakdown is intended to help you understand and properly select flair for your posts:

Mod Post

The Mod Post flair is a non select-able flair used for moderation announcements. The use of this flair will not only help differentiate announcements but also allow the public to filter and view the history of major changes to the community.


The Mentoring flair is a (currently) undetectable flair used for distinguishing monthly mentoring threads.


The General Flair is a select-able flair used for the majority of discussion topics and sharing on r/ENTP. Any submissions that do not explicitly fit any other select-able flair should be posted as a General topic.


The Educational Flair is a select-able option reserved only for posts that have lasting useful information in nature, such as documentaries, research results, tutorial/guides or other useful finds.

A question to learn about yourself or MBTI in general is not considered a lasting educational topic.

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